Thursday, 27 December 2012

It's Christmas....

... and we all have the flu!!!!!

Well, I do - and thats all that counts! But despite my obvious illness I soldiered on - making the full Christmas dinner a la Nigella and steaming my own pudding (whilst I steamed my face at the same time!) Mother wanted me to 'put it in the microwave,' I think my Mum would microwave the entire Christmas dinner if she could.

This year was so much better than last - last year I got the norovirus after attending a Christingle service at a local church. I still think that the reason we all got sick there was that we partook of the coffee and mince pies dished out by the lovely member of the WI. One of whom used the same tea towel to mop out one cup before refilling it with coffee and serving it to someone else... namely me! Why can you never find a health and safety officer when you need one.

But this blog is not all about my health issues - it is also about the family Christmas that we enjoyed - this year, the children got excited about the advent countdown and waiting for the big red guy. Last year - they were really quiet - I dont think they knew what to expect from Christmas, but they more than made up for it this year. They went to bed late on Christmas Eve - I let them watch the Snowman and the Snowdog - big mistake!!! I cried from pretty much the beginning, KC worried that our dog was going to die and TJ was enthralled by the whole thing - I have never seen him sit in front of the TV in such a state of rapture - he loved it... and that made me cry too...

But off they went to bed in their new pyjamas - they needed to put new ones on so that they would be in their best clothes for Santa.

They were up next day and came rushing into our room with their stockings.... 'Can we open them?' was the uniform cry. We wiped the sleep from our eyes and away we went. I had barely enough time to get the recycling bag upstairs before the present opening frenzy began. (I am a little bit anal about the paper!!!)

They had just finished with Santa's gifts (KC got lots of things for his pet rabbit - he actually asked Santa for presents for his pets and TJ got the usual 6 year old requests of Moshi Monsters and anything Arsenal... not my fault!!!)

Then we got Granny up and had breakfast before moving onto round 2 - presents from family under the tree....

Lunch was a success (apart from my gravy which was foul - but luckily God gave us Bisto...) and afterwards we settled down to the usual family Christmas - board games, TV and alcohol... fantastic.

I know there have been complaints about my not keeping on top of the blog - forgive me... there will still be updates but they will be intermittent I'm afraid... children do that to you...

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