Thursday, 13 December 2012

Little Angel

Today is a busy day for us all. TJ has just had his Christmas Nativity play - he was a beautiful little angel, who not only managed to remain white but also danced a solo to mark the coming of the baby Jesus... I think some parents were a bit miffed when I shouted out '7' in my best Len Goodman impersonation - obviously they felt he deserved a higher score! Seriously though, he was brilliant - I know I am being a doting parent - but I didn't even know that he had forgotten all the steps and wasn't supposed to be spinning around in the middle of the stage - he managed to fool everyone into thinking that was how it was choreographed. Everyone that is except the teacher who choreographed it and had to get up and guide him gently back to his rightful position behind the shepherds. I felt sorriest for the child playing the donkey. As Mary and Joseph sang a beautiful solo that left many in tears - poor old donkey-child had to stand between them wearing a paper plate coloured in as a mask and looking completely lost. At one point it did seem as though Joseph was singing to the donkey but we soon realised he was telling Mary how he would love her and her baby.

We came to the end of the Nativity and everyone stood up and clapped. I was so proud of TJ - last year he just stood on stage and cried - this year he has gained so much more confidence and was so pleased to see me there - he even gave me a cheeky little wave. Of course, as professional performer myself I didnt approve and have reprimanded him completely... well, maybe I waved back too... like all the other naughty parents....

Tonight we have KC's end of term Christmas play to see. The impossibly cheerful drama teacher has been working with them all term and KC will be playing two roles  - the ginger elf (typecasting) and Darth Vader (I think) - I'm not quite sure where the Dark Lord of Star Wars fame fits into the Christmas story but I'll let you know how it goes...

Papa is unable to attend either - he has a very important day at work - it's his office Christmas Party. So whilst I am sitting through (I mean enjoying) our little darlings Christmas offerings - he will getting drunk, eating vol-au-vents and then probably photocopying his bottom - or some such office nonsense. I was invited but it fell on the busiest Creative Day of the school year - I told Papa that maybe he should miss the Christmas party as this maybe the last year that the children still have that 'Christmas awe' about them. His reply, 'get a baby sitter and ask them to video it for us.'... sigh...But I should be grateful, after I get back from KC's extravaganza I can heat up the pizza he has left me for my dinner... I think I maybe getting bottle of wine to go with that!

The impossibly cheerful drama teacher has just called me to remind me to get KC there early and to remember that there will be refreshments and a prize raffle after the show this evening.... Festive Fun!!!!!!!! I shall definately be needing that wine!

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