Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I'm a Wee-Wee in a Bottle....

Or that's what KC was singing this morning. I blame Papa for introducing him to Christina Aguilera.

But much fun and hilarity was had by TJ and Papa as they took turns to wee into their little vials. And, surprisingly there was hardly any mess. Which astounds me! How come they can bloody well aim into an opening barely a centimetre wide with incredible accuracy but show them a huge gaping toilet bowl and they suddenly lose this ability and instead spray the bathroom like a territorial tomcat.

But, we took TJ to school, KC attended therapy and then afterwards I made the visit to the Doctor - where the lovely young nurse took a sharp intake of breath when she read my blood pressure. I love it when they do that. She then looked at me pityingly and asked when Papa would be able to come in and do his. She then asked, rather pointedly I felt, how old my children were... Why? What does she know? Should Papa be preparing for the worst - not my imminent death but his having to look after the two little monsters on his own forever!!!!! Did this young lady not realise that she was dealing with possibly the biggest hypochondriac on the planet - even before I left the surgery I knew it was time to put my affairs in order (I saw that on the TV show Doctors the other week). So now my blood pressure is definately up - and its a non-wine day!!!!!

I have reached that age where I have to stipulate which days are alchol free and which allow me a tipple. Today is alcohol free.... bugger!

Last night I attended the PTA meeting with 4 other eager parents - in preparation for the Christmas Fund Raising Fair. To be fair (did you see what I did then) our school always has a massive fair and it raises a huge amount. However, that means that each year we have to top the year before and, as the work and committment gets harder, so the number of parents willing to help dwindles.

So this year I am in charge of putting together Magic Reindeer Food with the little darlings, a scoop of oats, a scoop of bird seed and a little magic dust (glitter) and then the children make their magic wish and I charge them £2 - but this year we are also having real reindeer - so I am now going outside with my stall to ensure the children don't feed the 'magic' reindeer food to the not so magic reindeer from Devon. Personally I wanted to see the little darlings sob when the reindeer didn't fly after being fed this concoction. (They are supposed to leave it out for Santa and the Reindeer on the night). Then a bright spark decide what would be great is if I dressed up an elf!!!!!! Good grief.... so now I am to be an overweight elf, dishing out over priced Reindeer food that can't actually be fed to the Reindeer.... and they wonder why there are only 5 of us on the PTA!!!!

Still it'll make a good blog!!!!!!

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