Monday, 12 November 2012

Wee Romans...

It's been a lovely weekend - the kids have both been little angels - so something must be up. Or is it simply that all the ads on TV are now for Christmas and the children are ensuring that they don't end up on Santa's naughty list.

I once told them about how their Uncle (my brother) was once so naughty that when he woke up one morning he didn't get any presents in his stocking - just a lump of coal. How he was so upset when he watched me and my sister opening our presents that he just cried for the whole of Christmas Day. But he was never naughty again. This must have had quite an impact because even now whenever TJ steps out of line his older sister reprimands him saying ' remember what happened to Daddy's brother.' Interstingly when I first posted that story on Facebook a number of my friends believed it. I'm not sure what that says about my parents!!!!!

Anyway, back to the boy's Christmas truce... is it wrong that I am enjoying this end of hostilities between siblings.... no, absolutely not! Its just a shame it can't last for a full year.

I have had to go and re-register with the doctors. The receptionist happily gave me the four little tubes for urine samples and told me to 'bring them back on Tuesday with all the necessary paperwork.' Papa took one look and said 'But I go private...' Apparently this excludes him from giving urine. I had to explain that we still have to go to the GP occasionally, especially when he is ill. He has reluctantly agreed. TJ on the other hand is desparate to wee in the bottle - although I know it will be me that ends up holding the tube trying to catch his urine. As anyone with little boys knows, children can aim their wee anywhere except where it is supposed to go, so as long as I hold the bottle as far away from the toilet bowl as possible then I am sure to catch some!!!! Of course, it is me that has to take all of this to the doctors and I will then have to have my blood pressure taken as well. The others are all excused this as they wont actually be physically there. I imagine that after spending the morning filling tubes with urine and then getting the children to school my blood pressure will be off the scale!!! I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow!

Yesterday, KC and I spent the afternoon doing his project - he had a whole term to do it in but I only found out about it last week, when it wasn't handed in! Anyway, I negotiated an extension for him from her teacher (these year 3 teachers can be tough) and we did it together. He had to choose a topic related to the Roman way of life. Thank goodness I paid attention on the school trip to the Roman Villa - God knows that KC didn't - he was only interested in the 21st Century rubbish that was littered around the place and having lunch. However, we opted to do entertainment. I, of course, was focussing on music, drama and art.... KC wanted to do gladiators chopping each others limbs off and chariot racing where speeding chariots lopped limbs off the slower racers - there is a theme here. So we have created a mosiac of two halves - one showing the beauty of Roman Culture - the other the brutality... So in a way it depicts the Romans quite well. I found KC last night giving a presentation to an enthralled TJ. He was explaining that if the Emporer didn't like any of the boring music or art then he sent the offending artiste to the Colosseum to have their limbs cut off by a gladiator. Apparently KC is an excellent teacher and TJ now knows everything about the Romans - or so KC told me.

I shall wait and see how her presentation fares in school today. I have images of children (and probably teachers) racing from the classroom traumatised by KC's vivid description of life and death in ancient Rome!!!!!

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