Monday, 19 November 2012

Why do Girls want to Rule the World?

That was the question posed by TJ on Sunday night during the results part of the TV show 'Strictly Come Dancing' on the BBC. TJ had just finished watching Girls Aloud perform their new hit (which seemed to be about Girl Power) and TJ was obviously disturbed by this.

I asked him what he meant. 'Well,' he said, 'Girls get to do everything, they can tell boys what to do, they can be really bossy, they are cleverer than boys and if they hit you you can't hit them back - why don't they let the boys have a chance at ruling the world.' Papa and I smiled and tried to explain to both boys that men had pretty much run the world for ages (probably until the Spice Girls came) and that girls were now taking their turn. 'What about our turn?' said TJ. I had to concede that maybe he does have a point - to a 7 year old we are all equal and now the balance seems to be tipping in the favour of the girls (in his eyes) I guess that will be their battle of the sexes in years to come.

TJ soon put things back into perspective though - 'But girls are rubbish at football,' he declared. 'Actually,' I said (now in full on girl power mode myself) 'lots of girls are very good at football - remember the Olympics and we watched the girls playing better football than the boys?' TJ looked at me in disgust, 'That was just the Olympics', he explained, 'If girls were really good at football they would get paid lots of money like the men and I would have a poster of them.'

If anyone has a poster of the Arsenal ladies football team can they let me know - at least he can have a poster - I can't guarantee that they will be paid the same as their male counterparts though.....

Then Kylie came on. I got a little bit excited... 'Who's that?' said TJ. My turn to look horrified, 'That's Kylie Minogue,' I said, 'The best singer ever!!!!' (I am an unashamed fan).

'Never heard of her' my youngest said.
'But I play her all the time in the car!, I explained.
'I dont listen to that,' came the reply, 'It's rubbish.' I was shocked.... 'And she's really old,' he added. Time for bed I decided!

Then TJ saw the male dancers on the show who were wearing a sort of lacy corset job (very revealing) 'See,' he said despondantly, 'Even she makes the boys wear girls clothes, those poor men.' I actually thought the boys looked very 'happy' in their outfits - but I am biased....

Definately time for bed - so off I went!!!!!!

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