Friday, 9 November 2012

Political Correctness

Today's title doesn't really refer to the political pettiness we often see around us every day but rather to the sudden change in attitude from our youngest son... Personally, I blame school!

TJ has always been a little mysoginist - he often tells us how much he hates 'girls' and how he thinks certain jobs are for women, like hairdressing and cleaning whilst men should be playing football and wrestling - not necessarily at the same time.

One poor young male student who was on the check out at Sainsbury's was given one of TJ's hard stares and from his small perch at the front of the trolley he suddenly said, 'Why have we come to this counter? We normally get served by a girl.' Naturally I was horrified and tried to laugh it off, explaining to the lad that normally we go to a different counter and TJ likes the lady who serves. To be fair, the lad probably didn't care and was just counting the hours until he could go to the pub, but TJ then shouted, ' No, I don't like her - but he is doing a girl's job.' At this the student became suddenly alert and said indignantly, 'Well, at least I've got a job.'
'Daddy hasn't....' was TJ's instant retort.
The lad wasn't sure what to do with that information, but he looked at me pityingly as I unloaded my bottle of gin. Great - now even the counter staff at Sainsbury's think I am an alcoholic, unemployed stay at home Dad - 'I work from home,' I explained with a smile, ' You don't work,' TJ exclaimed, 'You play on the trampoline and eat bacon...' This accusation has been hurled at me many times by our youngest and I have no idea where it came from. although, every time it is mentioned Papa seems to give a sly grin.

Anyway, this morning on the radio Chris Evans (the DJ not the film star - I have to clarify that for our US readers) played 'Candyman' by Sammy Davis Junior  - he plays it every Friday at 8am. KC always sings along and it's very sweet (well, it would be it's candy...). Today TJ suddenly shouted out, 'That song is wrong. It should be Candyperson.' I was a bit stunned that he should react so violently to a song. 'Really,' I asked. 'Yes,' he replied, ' Candy 'man' is sexy...' ( I think he meant sexist) '...and the Candy could come from a man or a woman so it should be Candyperson.'

I couldn't really argue with that so have asked him to write to Chris Evans and let him know. 'I will,' said TJ, ' And I'll tell him to stop playing that song 'cause its rubbish!'

'What would you like him to play instead?' I asked. He thought about it and suddenly said birghtly, 'They could play my arm fart' and he proceeded to make fart noises with his armpit - charming!

I'm sure the BBC will be updating their weekend playlist shortly...

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