Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Fayre

Yes, the plans are under way for this years' PTA Christmas Fayre. I love it when we spell things in an Olde Englishe Stylee - although it always reminds me of American 'Tudor' themed restaurants!

I, as an active member of the PTA committee, have bee designated to run the 'reindeer' magic food stall as you know and today the preparations are getting into full swing. My friend is going to help run it with me and we have both been told to dress up. I am not one for dressing up - but she is! She keeps sending me pictures of 'sexy' Mrs Santa outfits to see if I approve - I dont think I am possibly the right person to give an opinion - but needless to say if she wears any of them then the queues of children accompanied by their eager Dad's will run around the building.

KC intercepted my phone as a message came in. 'Daddy,' he said, 'There's a picture of a lady elf on your phone.' I went white - but yes, there it was in full iphone colour - a catalogue picture of a sexy lady in black fishnets and a skimpy 'santa' outfit. I put the phone down thinking that it could have been much worse.

The phone pinged again - indicating another message. KC ran to get it. 'Now the elf is sending a picture of its shoes!' he said excitedly. The shoes that my friend wants to wear with the afore mentioned outfit. So now my eldest believes that we will be visited by a skantily clad, Mrs Claus in high heel fur lined sparkly shoes on Christmas Eve - I think I'll let Papa sort that one out. He has a much better figure than me!

My outfit was also being discussed - a huge turkey?...  a penguin?... or everyone's favourite... a rudolf the reindeer 'mankini'... It amazes me that the teachers at school find time to do any teaching - they seem to be always on the internet looking at dodgy costumes... Its a great school!!!!!!

I think the image of me in a mankini, with or without the red nose, would be enough to close the fayre and probably land us with a huge law suit! I'm going with the penguin!

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