Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tesco's - an elderly day out...

That is my word for today....

I began the day with a list of things to do, including getting started on my next assignment, sorting out the pets vaccinations, booking the car in for a service and lots of work to catch up on.... Oh and I needed to go to the supermarket. As regular readers know I usually go to our local Sainsburys but this week I received a number of vouchers for Tesco, there is a new superstore nearby so I thought I would try it.

Obviously I decided to do this first before I completed all my other tasks. Get it out of the way. Oh but first I had to get the children to school.

'Can we take our scooters?' KC asked.
'Of course you can." I replied in my most paternal tone.
'Great!' Shouted the kids. They got their scooters out and handed me all their bags, sandwich boxes etc. I looked like a contestant in Double or Drop. ... But I carried on smiling and off we went.

They scooted ahead and got to the roadside. We don't live on a busy road and the boys are usually quite sensible. 'Can we cross?' KC shouted.
'Yes, ' I replied 'but remember to look both ways first!'
KC complied and waited at the kerbside... She stood there good as gold watching her little brother practically walk out in front of an oncoming car. I screamed and a lady who had just crossed the road with her children jumped in front of the car and stopped it whilst grabbing a stunned TJ by the hand. Luckily the car was only going about ten miles an hour but even so it could have been bad. I thanked the lady and spoke to the boys. 'But I was looking and listening,' TJ said. 'I saw the car and it should have stopped.' I forget that TJ believes the world revolves around him, he has promised to keep practising. 'You could have stopped him,' I said to KC.
He looked at me and simply said, 'but I wanted to see what would happen.'
Great, my older child wants to see his brother splattered across a road. I guess that's pretty normal in siblings..... Sigh.

They then carried on scooting and once again I had to reprimand TJ as he was racing down the school pathway knocking parents, children and dogs out of his way. It was carnage! I don't think we will be taking the scooters tomorrow.

I then walked the dog, to relieve my stress and get ready to work.

I sat down to work and remembered I had to go to Tesco. So off I went.

Tesco at 10.30am on a Wednesday morning is a nightmare. It is like an old people's outing. The amount of Skodas and Hondas in the car park should have warned me to leave but in I went. I have nothing against the older generation, we will all be there ourselves one day and we have much to learn from them.... Like how not to shop! To begin with I wandered behind the elderly couples chatting and looking at the variety of food with a warm glow, how lovely.... Then the two older ladies who were chatting as they shopped side by side blocking the whole aisle... And the amount of motorbility scooters... Does anyone walk anymore??? They stopped in front of me a everything. I dutifully waited as they examined the food and gradually my warm glow turned to rage. By the time we got to the fruit section internally I was screaming, 'it's just bananas buy the damn things!' As the aisle walkers took out the boxes to see... and I quote, 'if there s a bag that had 6 bananas put in it by mistake.' Apparently this had happened to a friend of theirs and they were hoping that lightning would strike twice! I was tempted to buy them an extra banana if only they would move.  I eventually got around them and found myself dancing backwards and forwards as a lady on a motor scooter went through the bacon packs checking sell by dates. When the lady with the screaming baby came round the yogurt aisle I nearly cried with exhaustion.

I added a bottle of gin and headed for the check out. It was only as I got to the car that I realised I had forgotten the cat food and a cucumber.... So back in I went....

I got home three hours later, just in time for my Mum to call and tell me how she had just spent a couple of hours out shopping with my Nan.... So obviously Wednesday is a shopping day preferred by the elderly.

By now it was time to go and pick the kids up from school and, as it was a nice day, we went to the park. Then KC had dance class whilst TJ did his homework. Papa arrived home as I was cooking a Thai curry. 'What did you manage to do today?' He asked..... I think he got a shock when I glared at him and said between gritted teeth... 'Nothing, absolutely nothing!!!'


  1. This Blog had me smiling all the way through and made me picture each scenario! Amazing!!

  2. Thank you Emma. Am glad you enjoyed it. 😊