Friday, 16 November 2012

Stop over in Lytham!

I have popped up to the lovely town of Lytham st Anne's for a couple of nights to see my family in the North. In doing so I have left Papa alone with the kids.... He'll be ok... Won't he?

It's not even 8am and already I have been asked how the dishwasher works.... Hmmmm..... I left a full list explaining the boys routine and the school outline for today, it's slightly different today as the kids have to wear yellow for the Children in Need charity day. KC has taken on the responsibility of showing papa what to do with the rabbits.... Papa doesn't do rabbits. Mind you, yesterday I was feeding the cat and KC asked what flavour cat food it was in the pouch... I read the label aloud... "it says a delicious gravy infused rabb.... Oops! I mean chicken." I quickly added!

My hotel is funny. We are staying at a hotel we used to go to a lot when I was young. I was obviously much more forgiving as a child, either that or I am channelling Alex 'something Italian sounding name' on the tv show 'the Hotel Inspector'. Or I am horridly spoiled in my hotel experience, which is probably true. But I think my chin hit the floor when I opened my hotel room door.... It was like stepping into the 80's, I even had a pine kitchenette with a gas hob and overhead grill. The tv is a big old box thing and the bed is essentially a large single. Thank goodness I am by myself! I am plucking up the courage to use the bathroom.

Staying above me is an elderly couple who I met on the stairs last night.... They are definitely here to party. They didn't go to bed until 1am last night and were up at 7! They are also obviously fans of Fred Astaire as they have been tap dancing from the minute they woke up. I might pop up and brush up on my time step later.

I have just opened my curtains to see the lovely seafront views across the dunes.... But no, I am at the back of the hotel so my view is of two spotty youths having a fag by the bins! I suppose it could be worse, there could be three of them! And as I type the rubbish truck is backing up the drive with a high pitched beeping noise.... and I didn't even ask for a wake up call, now that's service!

Well, time to shower and then off to meet my Mum and my Aunt for breakfast!

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