Monday, 26 November 2012

Christening Weekend

This weekend saw a double celebration. It was mine and Papa's 6th wedding anniversary on the Saturday and on the Sunday we had the two children baptised at my Mum's local church.

The weekend could have gone so horribly wrong, especially as the country is in the grasp of floods and horrendous weather, but it actually all went beautifully to plan.

On the Saturday night we met up with our closest friends and their two boys for a Family anniversary dinner with all four of us and Granny. A gorgeous meal and the children behaved so well. At least until the cheese course, where my cheese board was devoured by three little boys. They ate everything except my Stilton... But I forgave them for that, then they ate my grapes!

The Sunday was amazing. Our friends, soon to be the kid's Godparents, came to Granny's house after they had checked out of the hotel and we all left for the church together. There were so many shoes to put on that my Mum joked that her front hall looked like a mosque. We then had the fun of sorting out little shoes for little feet. I panicked a little. "We are going to be late!' I exclaimed. Mother looked at me disparagingly, 'Well, they can't start without us," she said. A good point, well made.

The service was beautiful. TJ was a little scared so I spoke to his older sister beforehand and told him to show his little brother that there was nothing to worry about. The vicar took the boys up to the font for the baptism. 'Who wants to go first?" He asked. KC stood up, "TJ will!"he said.

I threw him a hard stare. But TJ rose to the occasion. "Can you make my hair spiky?" He asked the vicar. I think TJ had the font confused with the hair washing basin at the hairdressers. Every time we go to the hairdressers he asks them to wash his hair! Which is weird because at home he hates having his hair washed!

Service over, we headed back to the hotel for a lovely three course Sunday lunch.

The waitress came to take our order... She came round to TJ, "and what would you like, young man?" She asked him, then she started to giggle. I looked sideways and TJ had managed to suck his face into a wine glass, it was jammed on and he couldn't get it off. you could see in his eyes that he was scared about having this thing stuck on his face but also about the trouble he was in. However, upon seeing his duck billed lips which had been vacuum sucked into the wine glass his new Godmother and I fell about laughing and the waitress prised the glass off his face with a loud 'pop'!

 At the end of the meal we sat back to have coffee. I turned  to see TJ ordering a coffee from the waitress, 'Daddy let's me have it," he told her. "You are not having coffee!" I told him. "Wait till the cigar arrives," my uncle said. Unfortunately, I wasn't entirely sure if Uncle was joking!!

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