Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Early Nativity

We have decided to let out lovely listed Georgian townhouse out. Mainly because after three failed attempts it still hasn't sold. Selling anything is a nightmare at the moment. But, in the long run letting may be the best way to go for us.

Papa and I popped over to the house yesterday to sort out the gas certificates and clean the fridge. As we did so there was a knock at the door. I went to one it and found a young couple outside. He was tall, blonde and very good looking. She was tall, beautiful, immaculately dressed and pregnant. "We are coming to see the house," he said, "the agency is to be meeting us here." He was obviously European and seemed to do most of the talking. I introduced myself and he shook hands saying, ' My name is Joseph and this is my wife... Marie. ' he said 'Marie' but I knew he meant Mary.

I showed them upstairs and on the way up he said, "We are expecting baby soon, it is to be a boy." I nearly fell down the stairs. I left them to look around and I rushed back down and ran into the kitchen whisper shouting, "Papa, go outside and check if there's a star above our house... We 've only got Mary and Joseph upstairs... And she's expecting a boy!" I tailed off as I realised Papa was not alone. "Meet jackie... The agent," he said to me through a gritted smile. I greeted the  bubbly blonde ... She smiled.... "That's exactly what I said to my boss!" She whispered back... We all got on fine after that.

Mary and Joseph seemed to really like the house, he tried to pay the deposit thre and then, but Jackie insisted on running the credit checks etc... So we won't know until tomorrow but, as my friend warned me, we had better be careful in case a load of shepherds turn up with their livestock and leave droppings all over the new carpet!!!

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