Friday, 22 March 2013

Holding out for a Hero!

This week was parents evening at school. And, as expected, I ended up being there for over an hour. I always book in the last few slots and ensure that I am at the end. It's not that I am overly concerned but I am fully aware that my kids will take up quite a bit of 'discussion' time and I would hate have to follow me. I know this from experience, in our first parents evening I took quite an early slot and ended up with a group of 'politely' angry parents sitting behind me, waiting their turn and discussing (quite loudly) how long I had been there. I now get there the day the signing up sheets go on the board and check that I am at the very end!

There was a lot of discussion this week about Special Needs programmes, for both kids now though. We always knew that TJ has a learning difficulty through his special needs and that Lea was a bit delayed, due to her experiences in early life. However, recently, Lea has been slipping further and further behind and we have had a series of assessments - which have resulted in a diagnosis of a severe form of dyslexia which effects her memory, number and word recognition. But the school were great in showing me where to get help and in putting in one to one tuition for her from next term. Lea was so pleased when we sat her down and explained what it all meant. She simply looked at me and Papa and said, 'Well, at least I know why I am stupid now." My heart went out to her and we sat with her to explain that she wasn't stupid but that she had a problem that we could now help her with. In many ways I am so relieved to know that it is a 'condition', to be honest, we were beginning to worry. After all, no matter what he has been through in her short life, we still have to help her get on with the future and she has to learn how to cope. I'm sure all parents feel the same...

On a lighter note, whilst I was looking through TJ's work I came cross a page in his literacy work which  had focussed on the heroes and heroines in our lives. Last year Lea had completed the same work and had noted that her hero was Michael Jackson, to which the teacher added the comment, 'an interesting choice.' I don't know where his love of MJ comes from but I am introducing her to the incredible "Off the Wall' album before she gets caught up in the Thriller video (which I think has a lot to do with her love of the star.) However, I digress, TJ had this year chosen his hero - and it was me! He had written, 'My Daddy is my hero because he stops me from falling down and hurting myself." Then he had added, 'And Papa is too." (I chose not to see that last bit - obviously it was all about me!).

But it shows that TJ does have deep feelings for us - he is a very withdrawn child who is not open to expression, he hates cuddles and kissing - such a boy! But it also stems from his special needs. However, for him to publicly recognise us is a huge step - and following on from his Mother's Day drawing of us it does give us hope that we are doing the right things....

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