Friday, 15 March 2013

Cool Cousin...

This week we have had our nephew to stay for a few days. He is 18 and studying in the UK in a boarding school near Cambridge. He is Papa's nephew so is a good Singaporean student, well he was until he got suspended. It was a pretty trivial offence but one which could have had serious consequences. So a suspension for him and his friends (who were also involved) for the remainder of the week.

As his guardians we were contacted on Monday and on Tuesday morning, despite the snow, I went over to the station and picked him and his enormous luggage up.

He hasn't been any trouble at all - in fact I think he is more concerned over what his parents will say than over the huge amounts of studying that he has had to bring with him. His father flew over from Singapore on Wednesday and is staying in London, we felt it best to keep the nephew here until the weekend, to finish his work and let his father calm down. Luckily, his Dad is here for work so he has been pretty occupied himself. However, tomorrow is Saturday...

The upside is that the children have got to know their Singaporean cousin really well - in fact, I think its fair to say there is a fair amount of hero worship going on, particularly from TJ, who is currently sitting with his cousin watching Transformers - Lea is still at after school club so the boys can watch a grown up ' film together.

Like most teenagers, our nephew seems to exist on a diet of cheese and ham toasties, crisps and coca cola. This has rubbed off onto the kids, not the coca cola, I still don't allow them to have that - I've told them when they are 10 they may consume the caffeinated evil juice, but not before. However, despite TJ's supposed hatred of cheese, the toastie machine has never been off!

As well as this, our nephew has cool headphones and an ipod - well, Lea is in her element, especially when he downloaded Michael Jackson for her. Lea loves MJ, and now knows all the words to Thriller!

The nephew even took the children to school this morning, which meant I could go over to an all boys school and teach 15 years olds drama - 15year olds who desperately wanted to be somewhere else. It was weird going back to teach for my old company, but quite fun to just walk away afterwards... and I'll get paid. although I think Papa will take that money off me as soon as it comes in. He gave me a £10 note this morning to 'go and buy some cat litter with and treat myself to a coffee with the change"... I am blessed!

Well, our nephew goes back up to London tomorrow - we will take him and have lunch with his Dad and the kids, hopefully, that will ease the transition before we have to leave the poor teenager with his folks. Oh well, he has to face the music. If you do the crime and all that!!!!!!

He has said that he will come down on his next study leave - so he can spend more time with his cousins. Its nice to know the kids are so accepted by nearly all of the family....

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