Monday, 25 March 2013

Wine and Beer

Today it is freezing cold - for all those of you living in warmer climates do please spare a thought for us Brits who are experiencing minus 5 degree weather at the end of March - its crazy! As I type the wind is whistling around the house.

Needless to say the kids are not too impressed, particularly as we have had no significant snow and they still have to go to school. TJ is constantly whinging about how cold it is... TJ doesn't 'do' the cold. But in Singapore he spent most of the time asking why it was so hot... He is very British, talks incessantly about the weather and hates foreign food! (unless its German sausages of course!)

Last night we were able to celebrate a small victory in out fight for adoption support. Yes, the council agreed to backdate our adoption allowances and pay the legal fees, although as the Ombudsman pointed out, this is what we are entitled too - they still have to agree compensation etc. But, it was a small victory. Until Papa took all the money out of my account and used it to pay off some of the massive debt I managed to incur since I stopped working... apparently I will 'spend it if its in my account!'... to be fair, I probably would!

Anyhow, we opened a lovely bottle of wine to celebrate - which I drank most of. I'm on a diet at the moment and wine is off limits - so I indulged... well, over indulged really. This morning getting up was pretty tough. We rushed out the door and TJ had forgotten his football kit - naturally. 'Let's go back and get it!", I snapped at the little lad on the way to school. Then I heard Lea turn to her brother and say, 'I think Daddy had too much beer last night, he is over hung." I then had to point out to Lea that I don't drink beer, except when its hot and sunny - which it certainly is not at the moment! But it does show how much Lea recalls - her birth family were all alcoholics and I would imagine that wine wasn't their preferred tipple.

Then I returned home to find the man had come to repair all the french windows - which have been leaking since we moved in... 6 months ago!!!!!!  Of course, this involve having all the doors in the entire house pen - so now it is minus 5 inside as well as out!!!!!! He laughed as he said, 'When we booked this in we thought it would be sunny - good job I've got my thermals on!" - I haven't got any thermals as I don't usually leave the house when its freezing!!!!!

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