Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snow Day in March

Today, the children are off school.

That's it end of post... I no longer have time to do anything.. yet, I need to finish an essay, work on my book, write the blog... oh well, one out of three isn't bad...

I got the kids up this morning and we took it quite leisurely, I thought school would be closed due to the half centimetre of snow outside. So I was quite surprised to get a text saying that school wold be open for those who could get in. We got dressed in record time, pulled on boots and winter warmers (hats, scarves, gloves) and trudged off to the school gates hauling an unwilling dog behind us.

We had just about reached the gates when I noticed the other brave parents (about 8 of them) were now trudging back from school still with their children. I was a little perturbed by this and was soon told that school was now going to close after all. No sooner had this poor mother told me, through her tears (obviously of joy at having her three children at home with her for the day) than my phone buzzed with a text telling me that due to the deteriorating weather school was now closed. Great!

Oh well, we trudged our way back hauling a very confused dog behind us. The children stopped for a quick snowball fight - although I don't know if the BT man who was working on a telephone line was particularly amused to be the target of their icy projectiles...  I smiled and waved at him as he waved back at me - he must have been working as he could only use one finger to wave. Lovely to see that the British spirit of fun is still alive and well...

We came home and started to build a snowman in the garden - that turned into another snowball fight - with me as the main target.Luckily they soon got cold and wanted to come in - when did kids get so soft... in my day we would have been out there for hours... well, we would have had to have been as my Mother would have locked the door...

They are now sitting behind me - I asked for five minutes just to have a cup of tea and write my blog. As soon as I sat down Lea pounded TJ with her spiderman toy and TJ threw the bat mobile at her.

Last night, TJ decide he would play superheroes in his bedroom - he decided to swing from the curtains and ended up in a heap on the floor with the curtain rail on his head Luckily, Papa was late home from work due to the snow upsetting the British transport system so TJ got off lightly... He has a lamp post outside his room which he now thinks is his own huge night light! Hopefully, today we can get the curtains fixed... if we can get out of the front door of course, the snow is now at least two centimetres high.... I hope my shopping arrives - I did an emergency online shop last night before the big freeze - it is March after all!!!!!!!

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