Friday, 1 March 2013

Everyone prefers blondes....

This morning we had a long chat about hair colour... Over breakfast!

The catalyst for this conversation came whilst we were looking at some photos of our recent trip to Singapore. In one of the photos the two kids are pictured with Oscar the Grouch on the newly recreated Sesame Street at Universal Studios Singapore. TJ remembered that when they saw Oscar they immediately wanted their pics taken but had to wait for a little while as a couple of other children also wanted to have their photos with the character. No problem, they are both very patient... When it's something they want to do of course!

However, in the period that we were waiting a coach load of tourists from China came along and as the boys went up to have their photo opportunity Papa and I were pushed out of the way in order for the tourists to take photos of our children, in particular TJ. Where Lea took it in her stride and started posing for the camera ( not unlike the time we found her in the window of Giordano, an Asian clothing store, pretending to be one of the child sized mannequins and entertaining a group of passers by... Who were no longer passing, just watching our eldest and her antics in the window, she eventually finished with a rendition of Gangnam Style and got a round of applause... We didn't buy anything....)

Anyway, TJ was obviously not too happy about the crowd that was now gathering and taking his picture so Papa tried to step in. Obviously thinking Papa was trying to muscle in on the photo frenzy the tourists pushed him out of the way still frantically snapping away with Papa shouting, "That's my son! Can I please take a photo of my own child!" It really was pandemonium, we now know how the parents of One Direction must feel!

Eventually the Grouch's 'minders' stepped in and took Oscar and the children out of the way and held back the crowd in order that we could take photos. Immediately after we had finished the tourists were back, this time they all wanted to pat TJ on the head. He took it graciously for a while and then shouted, 'stop stroking me, I'm not a rabbit!"

We had found that a lot of people, especially older people in Singapore wanted to pat TJ on the head, apparently his blonde hair is considered lucky as it is golden coloured and people want to touch it for prosperity for the New Year ahead....

We explained this to TJ and he took it on board and now seemed quite proud of his blondeness. 'Why did no-one want to touch my hair?' Said Lea.... Papa and I looked at her wirelike ginger mop... "Erm, because you're too tall.' We told her.....

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