Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Welcome Home... To jet lag!

We flew back to the UK on Saturday night arriving on Sunday morning and the kids flew really well... This despite the fact that the minute TJ got on the plane the stewardess informed him of yet mother Arsenal loss, one we had kept from him in order to prevent a meltdown, I don't think she realised the barrage of abuse that she was about to let herself in for... Poor woman! Still the rest of the flight was uneventful, lots of movies, sleep and, in TJ's case, toilet going....

We spent Sunday in a jet lagged state of dreamlike bliss... Everything kind of happened around us, or that's how it seemed. We went to Sainsbury's in order to stock up... Which we needed to do, we had arrived at 7am and a friend had kindly left milk and a loaf or bread at the back door... Thank goodness, as we had no heating and we spent the first couple of hours shivering whilst sipping hot chocolate and eating toast... So as soon as the shops opened at 10am (which felt like 5pm) we were off and shopping... Much to the boys delight!

We then collected the pets from the kennels... Good grief, it costs nearly as much to board pets as to house us, well, maybe not as much, but it was still ridiculously expensive. The dog then went straight to the groomers, which she was not too thrilled about, but the kennel smell was just too much to take!

By the time all this had been done we were exhausted. TJ looked at me and said, 'Daddy, why am I tired, can I go to bed now?' It was 4pm and I wanted to keep him awake, so I sat him in front if the tv with toothpicks practically propping up his eyelids... By 6pm both kids were crashed out... By 8pm so were we!

Monday, it was back to school... Which was lucky as both children were up at 5am... By 8.30 we had eaten a cooked breakfast, walked the dog, cleaned the rooms and done a load of washing... The kids went to school exhausted... When I collected them after the school day they were both ready for bed again!

Today we saw our article in Gay Times... About gay parenting obviously, it was quite a nice picture and the article was supposed to advertise the blog... But they forgot about that bit. Oh well, it was a nice article anyway... As I type Papa is writing to a tv researcher who has just asked if we would be prepared to do a tv interview... Here goes!!

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