Sunday, 3 February 2013


I have spent most of today working on my sisters wedding cake. In a moment of madness I suggested that I would make the cake for her forth coming big day. I think I must have been in a state of shock that her long term boyfriend had actually popped the question. Their's is an on off relationship that is reliant on my sisters frame of mind at the time. I have already seen her throw her engagement ring at her poor fiancée... Although her love of red wine often has much to do with it.

My sister selected the cake from a range I suggested online and once she had picked we bought the necessary equipment and the ingredients... I didn't think the baking itself would be such an issue. I was using the same recipe as my Christmas cake, which proves to be quite popular. This year I took a large piece into school for the teachers to share.. However, it never went further than the teacher I gave it to, which I should take as a compliment... I think.

Well, the cake took a lot longer than I expected and halfway through I realised I hadn't made enough of the cake mix to fill the four tiers she required.... Four tiers! I was crying many more tears when I had to go back to the supermarket yet again to get more ingredients... And papa wept as he handed over his credit card again. I have finally managed to get the final two tiers in the oven and an extra cake for us to test the icing on... Eight hours and counting!!!

It reminded me of the time I lost my wedding ring at Christmas. We had gone to my sister and her boyfriend's house for Christmas and mine and Papa's present was to cook the full Christmas dinner. I followed Nigella's Christmas Day menu to the letter, although I still stuff the turkey in the traditional way, pushing sausage meat under the skin. I happily did this on the morning of the big day. I take a perverse pleasure in it... Well, we all ate a fabulous meal - it really was a success, much to everyone's surprise!

That evening as we were cleaning up I noticed that my wedding ring was missing. The ring made and designed by Dinny Hall in rose gold that Papa had made for me. We turned the kitchen upside down, had I left it on the side, did I take if off? Had my sisters boyfriend put in on eBay? (We hadn't known him for very long and she had made some dodgy choices in boys previously).
We eventually realised that the only place it could have gone was in the turkey itself, so at 2am with everyone full of Christmas cheer, we routed through the rubbish bins looking for the band of gold... We never found it....

We filled in the necessary insurance papers and we had to get a costing for the replacement from Dinny's shop. I explained what had happened and luckily they still had the design on record so could give me a quote for a replacement, which we then passed onto the insurance company.

The day came to collect the ring and when I entered the shop a lovely, very well dressed lady, came up to me and asked me if I was in fact, the turkey man! The lady was Dinny herself and once she had heard my story she simply had to come and meet me to find out if it was true. She asked if she could use me story in her newsletter and offered me a discount at her store, since at day I have always been the 'turkey man' at Dinny Hall Jewellery.... And she had better appreciate the plug I just gave her!!!!

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