Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Today is therapy day for KC and we have quite a journey I make to get there. This means that Tuesday mornings can be quite hectic. Getting TJ sorted out and off to school before we rush off.

This morning was no exception and as we were getting ready I noticed that TJ's jumper was missing. I found it pushed behind his toy box.... I pulled it out to find it covered in a strange white substance. TJ was in the bathroom cleaning his teeth. I took the offending item into the bathroom and showed it to him. 'What's this?" I asked pointing at the jumper. TJ looked at it and then looked up at the ceiling, "um.... Erm... Umm... Ah.... Erm.... " he went on in this vein for about 5 minutes. I just stood there looking at him. "I shall wait," I said, " I shall wait until you tell me the truth."

"Um... Er.... Well.... It's snot"

I looked at him in disbelief... "It's what?" I said, keeping my temper under control.

By now he was feeling braver. "Snot." He replied, "I was having a sniff in school and teacher told me to blow my nose. I couldn't find a tissue, so I used my jumper... Twice."

I didn't know what else to say so put him in a lean jumper and sent him off to school.... Great... I wouldn't mind but he has packs of tissues in his school bag for just this occasion... Lovely!

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