Thursday, 31 January 2013

The cat's tail/tale?

Yesterday we had a bit of a quiet time. Well, it was quiet after we came home from school.

I had allowed the kids to take their scooters to school on the proviso that they would be extremely careful on the road and would be wary of any pedestrians - previously, TJ had flown down the hill knocking people out of the way left, right and centre. However, promises were made and the children rode into school and then rode back home again. However, as I wrote yesterday they decided that they would get together with their friend and throw stones at passing cars whilst riding their scooters.

Both boys were grounded.

The upshot of that was that the house was really quiet - no TV, no games consoles bleeping away. Just two children getting on quietly with some arts and craft. A friend of mine had given them some brilliant paint it yourself wooden dinosaur kits and the kids and I thought that we would take the opportunity to make them.

Everything was put together and the boys were painting away. I nipped upstairs and was on my way back down a few minutes later to find KC standing in front of me looking very worried.

'I think I'm in more trouble,' he said sheepishly.
'Why's that?' I asked him - using that knowing tone that parents get.
'I think I accidentally painted the cat,' he said and upon seeing my face change added, 'Well, it's tail anyway.'

I went into the kitchen to find our beloved moggie now had a bright red tail - words failed me.
'He jumped onto the table to see what we were doing,' KC explained, 'And I thought his tail was a paintbrush, so I dipped it into the red paint.' By now the story was beginning to show a few holes... 'Then I tried to get it off, but it spread all over his tail and now I don't know what to do.' He started to cry. Great now I can't even get cross without looking like a fierce ogre... although crying is a form of control as my mother frequently reminds me.

So KC and I spent a few minutes washing a very grumpy cat's tail - and now its only the white bits that are still red - which does give the cat a kind of punk rocker look. So I guess we'll go with that for a while.

I had better keep the dog away from them when they are glueing things!!!!!!

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