Friday, 25 January 2013

Things to do!

So today was the day that I got loads more of my book written.

Yes, today I was going to be organised. I was finally going to set aside certain days for certain tasks, Monday for cleaning, Tuesday for therapy, Weds for studying, Thurs for TV scripting and Friday for book - leaving me with the weekend to be a parent! Ha!

This morning I was getting the children ready for school (which took a lot longer than usual as TJ's head was beeping! - I have no idea what that means but apparently it is because he thinks too much and therefore needs time off school, like thats going to happen!) However, we were nearly out the door when Lea reminded me that I had volunteered to help in the school - in a moment of do-gooder madness I had agree to sit with the 'kids that don't read good' and laugh at them in order to demolish their self esteem and get them ready for their bus driving careers... or perhaps it was to encourage them - I always get those two mixed up. Anyway, I had forgotten all about it and was in my dog walking clothes as opposed to me Head Teacher meeting outfit. I raced upstairs and got changed at the speed of light much to the dog's surprise - she was still on her lead.

The kids went to school and I popped into the meeting with the other parents. Its amazing how whenever any volunteers are called for its always the same people you meet. You would think in a school of over 400 pupils that there would be more than 6 parents (and one retiree) who would want to get involved with their kids education. There always seem to be plenty of parents around when things go wrong or if there are complaints to be made but if you ask for volunteers.... Oh well, there you go....

I've just cleaned the bathroom and my hands are itching - I think I'm allergic to Flash with Febreze. Why the cleaner uses that I'll never know...

I digress.

So I came home all ready to get on with my writing. Then I flicked the TV on to catch the news. Again it is always essential that I am up to date with the latest happenings around the world otherwise what would I talk about at the high powered dinner meetings I have to attend, or in the playground... but instead it was the Andy Murray/Roger Federer mens semi final (well of course it was men's - I do like that they remind us about that constantly throughout the match - I can see its men thank you!) Well that was it, the morning was gone.. and lunchtime... and it wasn't until nearly 1.30pm that I sat down to write my next sentence.... then the phone rang. My script writer friend who is working on the TV pilot needed to chat - we then had a long conversation about TV pitches and our agents... it all suddenly seemed very grown up.

So I made a cup of tea and we had a chat.

I sat down again and my phone went. My good friends were in the area and could they pop in for tea. Sure! I put the kettle on.

We then all left together to pick up the children and I had another meeting at school with TJ's teacher. Which went very well. All very positive. Progress is being made - which is a miracle in itself!

Then I came home and remembered my lovely sister and her fiancee were coming tonight and I hadn't cleaned the bathrooms, made their bed or vacuumed... I thought about doing all that (well, I cleaned the boys bathroom out of necessity) then remembered I hadn't written my blog. So now I will have to go back and finish the cleaning and I still haven't written anything - so much for organisation!!!!!!!!!

Still, at least its the weekend!

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