Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Two days work in one...

Yesterday, I went up to Lancashire to attend my Aunt's funeral. It was a bit of a trek coming back as I came on the train. We had to detour through Stafford as a young boy, who was on his way back to school, got onto the wrong train and didn't really want to go to London. Poor lad. I had actually seen him on the platform earlier and wondered why this boy was unattended - I thought at first he was a runaway or up to no good, how wrong I was, this young man was on his way back to one of England's top public schools and would probably one day lead our country... although the fact he can't follow simple directions at a train station is cause for a little concern for our nation's future.. When did I suddenly get so old I asked my self later? A few years ago I wouldn't have given him a second glance, but now I was making assumptions about him, I wonder if that's something that happens when you become a parent? The judging of other people's children. Still, at twelve years old he shouldn't have been hanging around train stations unattended at 8pm! (or am I still being old fashioned?).

The funeral was lovely though, a mixture of sadness and joy at seeing old friends and catching up with family. My cousins and I are now (nearly) all in our 40s and 50s and we commented that where we used to meet at weddings and christenings we were now more likely to meet up at funerals - again, another sign of age? One of our family friends commented, 'This is our third funeral this month, it's lovely to see so many people again.' Mind you this is Lytham St Annes - so I guess funerals are a regular occurence in a town we used to nickname 'God's Waiting Room.' However, my Aunt was given a lovely send off by her family and, I can honestly say, its the first funeral I've ever been to where the congregation did a mexican wave - which certainly made it memorable!

Back at home, Papa had to take the day off - or rather work from home - in order to look after the children. He had a list of what to do - in typical Papa style it took the form of bullet points and a spreadsheet. 8am - get kids up, 8.30 - go to school. 3.10 - pick Lea up - 4.30 pick TJ up from football club. 5.30 - feed them.. I kid you not - it said 'feed them'. Luckily I had bought some oven ready lasagnes - which apparently, according to TJ, were delicious and 'better than my home made lasagne!' I had also pre made the packed lunches, just to make sure that everything was done... at 7.30 - bed... Papa then said to me, 'But what do I do with them between dinner and bed?' 'You could play with them, ' I suggested helpfully. He thought about it, 'I'm sure they will have some homework to do.' he said. You can take the boy out of Singapore.... etc...

So this morning we all got back to normal and TJ said, 'Daddy, I don't have any clothes to wear.' And sure enough no socks or pants or shirts for him and no jumper for Lea. Of course, 'Monday is usually washing day and as Papa had been working then no washing had been done. I called Papa this morning and said, 'Now do you see what I have to do all day, when you think I am sitting around doing nothing?' His reply, 'You watch far too much daytime TV for me to think any different!' So I am now writing my blog surrounded by dirty washing - I think I would officially go on strike - but my cleaner is in today and she scares me so I had better get the house sorted before she arrives.... So now I am doing all of yesterday's chores whilst trying to catch up with todays!

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