Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New Edition to the Family.....

I have just heard my mother faint as she read the title of today's entry... no it's ok Mum, we haven't suddenly sprung a new grandchild on you (a girl of Asian descent)... yet!!!!!!

What we have done is purchased TJ a new pet - a guinea pig, that he has already named as Chipmonk Ironman (Chip for short - but you are not allowed to eat him!) This came about as the two rabbits we bought for them on their adoption day turned out to be completely incompatible. Lea chose a ginger bunny (named Ginger) and TJ chose a small black bunny (named Shadow). We were reliably informed that the bunnies were from the same litter and would live together happily once neutered. As we soon found out, they were definitely not brothers. Ginger is the size of a small cat and Shadow is tiny - a dwarf. Not unlike the kids themselves really. Anyway, Ginger had taken it upon himself to seek out and attack Shadow at every opportunity and woud escape from his hutch, hop over to Shadow's hutch and urinate all over him... again not unlike the children!

Ginger is also viscious to everyone who comes near him - apart from Lea and the dog. He loves the Dog and they sit for hours with their noses pressed against each other. He loves Lea and will sit on her feet while she strokes him. I, on the other hand, am seen to be some kind of scratching post designed to help Ginger keep his claws in trim. Whilst we were away Ginger was looked after by friends who came daily to feed him etc... only he kept running away and they would spend much of the day trying to get a snarling bunny from out of the corner behind the boxes in the garage.... We have paid them in wine and chocolates so hopefully they will still speak to us.

Shadow went to stay with the boys Godparents - who have an entire menagerie on their East Sussex estate, well, it seems like it anyway. When we came to collect Shadow we could see he was totally at home with the Godparents, he was stretched out on the sofa soaking up the sun. He had also made very good friends with their Guinea Pig and apparently the two of them were inseparable. So the decision was made to leave Shadow in his country pile and to let TJ know that he could go and visit him whenever he liked, which is lovely and very kind. However, it left us with the dilemma that TJ has no pet of his own. Discussions were duly had and a guinea pig was agreed upon.

So today we went to the seediest part of town (seriously - even the guinea pig lady apologised for making us go there. Apparently she has lived their for 20years but knows it's a s*** hole - well she cant afford to move out - she breeds guinea pigs for a living - her words!) Anyway, the lady, who was lovely, gave TJ a lecture on how to care for his guinea pig - I could see his face glaze over and knew that in his head he was currently playing Skylanders or Spiderman - so I listened intently as the obviously guinea pig crazy lady went on and on and on... she was actually very sweet, if a little bit fanatical.

So the guinea pig was bought and is now hiding in his cage in TJ's bedroom - I saw the cat's eyes light up when the cage was brought in - I think we will have to keep an eye on that....

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