Friday, 2 May 2014

Sweets and Japanese Horror Movies...

It's been a strange evening.

Papa was away last night - he had to go to a fancy dinner in London with a client whilst the boys and I had a fish and chip supper followed by Easter eggs for dessert. Which was, admittedly, great fun.

Whenever one of us is away the boys just don't seem to settle - and last night was no different.

TJ has begun to horde food - I don't know where that comes from - he eats like a horse, but is now apparently waking up in the middle of the night hungry. What is surprising is that rather than come and wake me or Papa and ask for a piece of toast or some cereal (which we would happily give) instead he sneaks into the kitchen and steals sweets - which he obviously prefers to cereal, and I do restrict the boys sugar intake, so actually maybe its not that surprising at all - where I see a psychological imbalance based on his past experiences there may just be a greedy little boy who wants sweets!

However, last night I caught him in the act of sneaking downstairs... Papa was late home and I was still up when this little figure starts creeping down the stairs and into the kitchen. I stepped behind him as he explored the 'treat' cupboard. 'What do you think you are doing?" I whispered in his ear - he jumped a mile.

"I just needed a drink of water," he said, "I was thirsty."

"Really," I replied, "Is there a tap in that cupboard."

He looked guilty. "No, but there is orange juice." (his juice boxes for lunch are stored there and he wasnt having one of those...)

I gave him a glass of water and took him back to bed.

As we walked up the stairs I heard a commotion in my study. I walked in to find KC, in the pitch black, throwing all my books to the floor and turning the furniture over, literally turning it upside down. I clicked on the light to see that he was fast asleep. I decided not to wake him and just followed him talking quietly and telling him it was time to go to bed. All the while picking up the things he threw behind him. He then walked out on to the landing, had a wander around, then went straight back to bed. It was quite bizarre - like one of those Japanese horror movies where the child has been possessed.

So with the boys back in bed I settled down to finish watching my movie and the house fell silent again.

At that moment Papa stumbled through the door - the dogs went beserk and the children woke up again.

I didn't sleep much last nigh!

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