Friday, 23 May 2014

My "Get out of Jail' card.

I have injured my arm...

That sounds worse than it is.

I've actually damaged my tendon and it hurts.. a lot.

I had an appointment with the physiotherapist today who told me to 'stop using it.' She then taped it up.

This wouldn't be a problem except its my left arm... and I am left handed. It's now not fun.

Even typing this is taking longer than normal as I tap with my right hand and make loads of mistakes.

Papa has been sympathetic. I called to tell him earlier and he said, "It's a get out of jail free card for you, isn't it?"... that didn't sound very sympathetic at all did it?

It wasn't.

I suppose by this he means that because of my injury I won't be able to carry out my paternal duties over the bank holiday weekend (it's a long weekend here in the UK) and I will expect Papa to do it all.

So instead I sorted out the washing and the airing cupboard, made the pizza dough (Its pizza night) made a banana bread (thank you Angela May - best banana bread ever) and then sat down to do my revision - except that now my arm hurt... again.

I, of course, am a trooper. I don't share my pain with anyone (except you). I carry on in my role as a candle for the world (I took over where Princess Di left off) and i bear my pain with the upmost of fortitude... Did I tell you it's a lot of pain????

It's not really - its just annoying.

And I don't think I will be the only one it annoys this weekend. Papa and the boys may have to fend for themselves - well, partially.

Oh well, I'll let you know what happens.

Wish me luck!!!!!

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