Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Puppy Pulling Power

I had to watch the title in case it began to sound like Scooby Doo's annoying nephew Scrappy but it fits the scene nicely.

Papa and I took the children and dogs to the park yesterday. The puppy is still on lead training as she pulls constantly and is desparate to lick anyone, or anything, that comes within five feet.

The boys raced off to play football with their mates in the park. "Be good," I called after them. "we will," they shouted over their shoulders. I nodded knowing that there was very little I could do if they decided not to be.

Papa and I walked along the outside of the park towards the dog run. We were stopped time and again by other dog walkers commenting on the puppy and asking the usual questions, 'How old was she?", "What breed?" - the answers were usually met with knowing nods or gushes of 'ahhhhh'.

"Why are all the people who stop us to chat old ladies?" Papa asked. I looked at him, "Because they are the ones walking their dogs," I said.

"But what's the point of having a puppy if it doesn't attract lots of young men," he went on, "Haven't you seen Will and Grace?"

"I'm not sure if that reflects real life in a British suburb," I laughed, "But good luck with that." I handed the dog lead over to him. "Let's see how you go."

Within seconds of Papa taking hold of the puppy an athletic, blonde, young man jogged past, glistening with sweat. "Cute puppy," he said and he stopped to let the little dog lick the said sweat off the back of his hand. I felt a pang of jealousy from Papa and knew that he too wanted to lick the sweat off this boy as well. I stifled a laugh - albeit a jealous one.

Papa immediately turned into this macho version of himself, talking about the puppy in a deep manly tone, sharing her age and her funny attributes. "Right, see you around," the young man said as he set off back on his run.

"See you," Papa waved casually.

"Puppy pulling power," he said, obviously pleased with himself.

"Let me try," I said and I took the lead from him.

It was only minutes before I was approached .. by yet another old lady.

It was then that we heard the commotion coming from the park and knew that the kids were squabbling over the football - it only takes about ten minutes for 'nice' play to detriorate into a fight.

Things were back to normal.

I took the puppy out again this morning - no sign of any young men for me! I'll try again tomorrow....

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