Monday, 12 May 2014

Is That Adele?

That was the question TJ asked as he watched the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night. We let the boys stay up to watch it purely because this year there had been so much hype about the fantastic British entry that was finally going to do well for us - except it didn't. Although the boys certainly cheered her on - although that may also have been because it was way past their bedtime and as the British entry, Molly, was on last, they got to stay up really late!

Of course the contest was to see the fabulous Conchita Wurst take home the prize for her James Bond inspired song 'Rise of the Phoenix.' As the beautiful, yet bearded, lady came on I expected a barrage of questions from the boys. I didn't get it. TJ looked at me and said, "That lady has a beard," to which KC told him, "No, its a man who likes to wear women's clothes - and that's cool." to which TJ nodded sagely.  I didn't want to go any further into the LGBT debate and let it lie, until TJ suddenly said, halfway through the song, "Is that Adele? It sounds like her James Bond song." Both KC and TJ love James Bond, althought I haven't let them watch the later ones yet preferring to stick to the campier 1970's versions which are constantly on TV - Roger Moore raising an eyebrow or Sean Connery just being.. well, Sean Connery.

The judging came on and the boys asked to place a vote each. TJ opted to vote for the campest French song I have evenr seen - about a Moustache! and KC opted for a little Belarussian who sang about Cheesecake - because he likes cheesecake. If thats the future of Eurovision...

On Sunday we went up to London to see an old school friend of Papa's, who was lovely. I think the boys were shocked to learn that Papa had been at school once and loved listening about his antics as a boy - although to be honest, Papa's antics were pretty few - he was a very good student!

After a delicious dim sum lunch at out favourite restaurant we did a little shopping on Regent's Street, a visit to Hamley's always ensures that the boys are well behaved.

Although over lunch Papa's friend made a comment on how well mannered the boys were - I think that helped them in their present buying budget! I wonder if they bribed her?

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