Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Wedding - Part 1

As blog posts are supposed to be short and easy to read I have decided to split my sister's wedding into a couple (maybe three) shorter posts - rather than one long marathon... a lot happened!

We went up to Cheshire - after the cake dropping incident - on Thursday. Luckily, my friend managed to re-ice the top two layers of the cake before we left that evening, the only problem was they had to be laid flat to dry and would have to be stacked at the venue itself. This meant that my entire boot space of the car was taken up by cake and I had to load all of our luggage, presents etc into the front of the car with the boys - luckily, Papa was coming up on the train on Friday night, otherwise there would have been no space! As it was the kids sat with their feet on their cases and no room to move.

We tootled up the motorway network and actually got to my Mum's by 10pm - but she was out with my sister for a 'bridesmaids' get together type thing and I had to get the keys from my Nan. Nan was asleep when I popped in - I was banging on the door for about 10minutes when I thought I would try the handle, sure enough the door was unlocked and I strolled in. Nan woke from the sofa, 'Oh, its you dear,' she said, 'I've been sitting up waiting, I was watching Poirot - I haven't seen this one before.' I looked at the TV screen - I knew it was an old Poirot as David Suchet looked thin, and it was still in the old square TV format. "I think it's been on before Nan,' I said. 'Well, I don't know who did it,' she replied. I wanted to say 'that's because you sleep through every episode' - but I didn't. At least she will always enjoy each show when it comes on - for the first few minutes anyway.

Papa is exactly the same, within five minutes of any crime thriller coming on he is fast asleep - he usually wakes up just as the detective has everyone assembled and is going to share his knowledge. It's at this point that Papa will ask what has happened and then I have to give a run down of each character, their motives and their possible reasons for murdering the 4 people he didn't see die anyway - thank goodness for the pause mode - afterwards Papa always says how much he enjoyed the show - which I know is a big lie!!!!!! He just enjoyed his sleep!

Anyway, we got the keys and let ourselves into Mum's house - we had been allowed access on the proviso that we kept the place tidy and didn't eat or drink anything, we were allowed the little packets of Kelloggs variety packs for breakfast but were not allowed the croissants etc that had been purchased for the morning of the big day itself. ASBO dog had been placed into kennels for the duration and was by now terrorising some other poor hounds at the local pet hotel.

Friday was the day of the rehearsal. We got to the church and sat there with the bridesmaids and ushers, a worried groom and my sister who was happily joking and messing around. The children met their cousin, my brother's son, for the first time and luckily they got on famously. My two then taught their little cousin how to walk rock star style down the aisle (apparently that was how you walked in front of your fans) - Mum chastised them at which point TJ folded his arms and strutted down the aisle with his arms crossed. 'Walk properly,' I said. 'Granny told me to keep my arms down,' he replied sulkily, 'so I am going to walk like this.' Previously, my two had decided that when they walked behind their aunt they would lift up her skirt to 'show everyone her knickers' - lucky for us all my sister had chosen to let the children walk in front of her so as to minimise any temptation. Good choice!

Anyway, we left a relaxed rehearsal with the jolly vicars' cry of 'Don't be late - I have another wedding at 2pm' ringing in our ears and we all headed off to the pub and the hotel where myself, Papa and the kids would be staying with the other groomsmen etc.

I went to get Papa from the station and we met everyone back at the hotel for the pre-wedding dinner.

So far.... so good... but the next day was the big day itself...

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