Monday, 15 April 2013

School is upon us!

Thank goodness, the kids go back to school tomorrow... I can breathe again...

Oddly enough, when I told them about this the children seemed to have completely forgotten that school would be re-opening after the Easter break.

I wouldn't mind but at one point I was actually having a stand up row with my seven year old both shouting at each other regarding the fact that he would be returning to school tomorrow.
At one point I thought pantomime season had come early as I stood there shouting, "You are going back I school!" "Oh no I'm not!" Came the reply... "Oh yes you are!" I shouted back....

LKC has been so mean to his little brother today. I can only assume its due to the holidays coming to a close... After playing in the garden all day (it's finally sunny) I told the children to stop playing their computer games and tidy up their toys on the lawn. KC came down and dutifully put his toys away. "Where's TJ" I asked. "He said he wasn't coming," said KC, " he wants to keep playing the wii." "Fair enough," I said, "in that case when you have finished in the garden KC you can go back and play the wii while I have a chat with your brother."

KC cleared up in record time and shot back up the stairs to the playroom.

I came up a bit later to see only KC playing... I then heard crying coming from TJs room. I went in to find him sitting on the floor in his pyjamas bawling his eyes out. "What happened?" I asked, "and why are you in your pyjamas?" He looked at me tearfully and said, "I didn't hear what you said when you shouted at us to come down and KC said you told me to go to bed... So I did... But then I didn't put my toys away so now I'm not allowed to play on the Wii either."

So KC had fooled me and his brother and now had the Wii all to himself. He was happily playing the game while singing along. I soon put a stop to that... "Come on young lman, time for bed." "But it's still light outside," he said. "It's a school day tomorrow," I told him, "back to normal bedtimes now!"

KC stopped singing and looked at me... "No, I'm not going!" he shouted... Great, back to square one!... "Oh yes you are....."

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