Friday, 19 April 2013

The big day is nearly here......

Yes, after all the planning and preparation, the day of my sisters wedding is nearly upon us and the boys are getting ready for their day in the sun (hopefully) as pageboys.

The boys were both getting a little anxious, especially TJ. I sat down with him yesterday before we left and asked him what was on his mind as he was unusually quiet... Quiet always worries me... "I've been to a wedding before," he said, "what will this one be like?" So I explained about the church and what page boys do... He thought about this and then said, "but will there be a party afterwards? It's the party bit I don't want to go to."

It was as if a light bulb went off, and tied in with something Papa had said earlier in the week about being wary of the boys behaviour on the day itself. The last wedding TJ went to was that of his birth mother and step father. By then the children were already in care and they were accompanied to the event by their social worker. Unfortunately, there was a huge fight between the 'families' at the party and the police were called and the boys had to be hurried out of a back door. TJ has memories of this, mainly as there is a lovely picture of them with their birth family in their life story books... Obviously taken prior to the consumption of cheap alcohol!

So TJ was reassured and we practiced 'walking down the aisle'. TJ seems to have the idea of a page boy confused with that of a rock star... He strutted down the aisle giving 'victory v' signs to his 'fans' and then asked if it would be okay if he 'gave high 5's to those sitting on the aisle." After I stopped laughing I told him he had better check with his aunt on that one....

So yesterday we came up to Grannies in the car. I had to collect the wedding cake which has been lovingly made by myself and Papa and iced by a good friend (I didn't want to take the risk on icing it myself).. I had a shock in the morning when our friend called me and told me that the cake had toppled over... We went into major panic mode... This type of thing only happens in sitcoms... The cake was being transported back to our friends shop by her husband, he took a corner too sharply and the top layers slid off, luckily they were in a box, but the icing was damaged. Major panic, could we delay going up to my Mum's?What was the latest we could leave? But my friend then surveyed the damage herself and, after telling me that her husband had 'dramatised' the event, came back from London especially to re-ice the cake. It was then left to set in my car and we will have to assemble it at the venue... Luckily, Granny is free so she is coming to help... Phew!

Well it wouldn't be a wedding without a little drama, lets hope that is all the drama we get this time.... I don't think my heart will take anymore!!

I probably won't get time to blog again until Monday... Hopefully we will have lots of positive things to say and the children will behave themselves and not 'lift aunties dress to show everyone her knickers' (thank goodness we talked her hubbie to be out of wearing a kilt!).

I'm off to practise my speech now... Did I mention I was walking my sis down the aisle?... And giving the speech! As an actor I have performed in front of thousands, I have presented alongside royalty and sung for the Queen and Presidents... But speaking in front of my family... That terrifies me!!!

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