Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year - Old Dad!

Well, its seems ages since I last posted anything - I think Christmas took over. Then we had no power over the festive season so we took off to see Granny and used her power instead.

But today saw the boys going back to school - and they were keen to go.

The Sprog (who has decided he is too old to be called a Sprog and would prefer to be known as KC - how many more name changes?) was so excited that he went to bed early last night.

He has to get up pretty early in order to catch his school bus and sure enough he was up on time this morning. His brother (who still wants to remain as TJ) has to come with us in the car - although often he is in his pyjamas as he has to be dragged out of bed. But this morning, he too was up bright and early - we are lucky to be able to walk to TJ's school which saves a lot of hassle.

Anyway, we braved the wind and the rain and set off for the bus stop in the car. We arrived on time and waited in the local pub's car park - a strange place for a school pick up point, but there you go.

We waited for ten minutes but still no sign of the bus.

'Maybe we missed it," TJ offered.

"Maybe its late as everyone has so much stuff to carry," I replied looking at the piles of bags that KC had with him.

"Maybe the driver is sick." said KC (it will take a while to get used to that)

Luckily I had the driver's number in my phone. Unluckily my phone was on the kitchen table. Papa always moans that I never have my mobile on me - 'What's the point of having it if you only use it at home!" he cries...

We waited until nearly 8am when I decided that we had to get back to get TJ to school. So I turned around and came home. We would take KC to school after TJ was safely in - I would go in and explain to the teacher why KC was late and give the driver a piece of my mind.

I then decided to call the driver - I rang his number and it was picked up by an obviously bleary man. 'Where are you?" I asked.

"I'm in bed," he replied sleepily.

I was mortified. "I'm so sorry," I said, "Are you ill?"

'No," he replied, "But its the last day of my holiday so I'm having a lie in."

Right...  I didn't give my name as I put the phone down and looked at the school's newsletter.

There it was in black and white, KC doesn't go back to school until tomorrow.

TJ was now no longer happy about having to go to school... he moaned all the way there.

Still KC was happy and at least the Driver didn't know it was me, until KC remined me that he had a list of all the parents numbers and my number probably came up on his phone.

Oh well, I shall be apologising tomorrow and I'm sure we'll all laugh about it in years to come!

KC, seeing I was a bit upset by the events said, "Don't worry Daddy, you didn't make a mistake - we just had a rehearsal for tomorrow."

Now that's positive thinking!!!!!!!!

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