Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Broccoli and Anniversaries

Today is quite a strange one for us.

It marks the anniversary of my Dad's birthday - he would have been 67 today, but it also marks the day that the boys were first told about us. The social worker came to their foster home and passed over a DVD and book that Papa and I had created for the boys to look at. They had the weekend to watch and read about us until we met them on the Monday.

I thought this was a bit short at the time but was assured that if they left it longer then excitement would turn to anxiety. That is something we watch out for everyday, that turning point when excitement, be it holidays or Christmas or birthdays, can turn into anxiety.

However, our comedy boys are back on form this week....

Last night as I sat them down to a nutritious meal of fish fingers and chips with broccoli I was met with a moan from TJ - "I don't have as many chips as KC," he said, so, following a similar plan that my Mum used, I took one of TJ's chips, ate it and said, "Now see how many more chips than you KC has."

TJ immediately sulked and turned away. Whilst his head was turned I took another chip. He wasn't happy but then he went back to eating - ensuring I didn't take any more.

A little later I did one of my Dad's old tricks (I'm sure all Dad's do this) "Look over there."I said to TJ and as he turned I took a chip. 'Hey!" TJ shouted, "That's not fair."

By now all KC had left on his plate was his 'beloved' vegetables, "Can you do the same to me?" he asked, "I'll turn away and you can steal my broccoli!"

That is not going to happen.

Adoption is a continually evolving experience but is one I wouldn't change for anything - I only wish my Dad could have been here to share it...

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