Friday, 31 January 2014

Dad Dancing...

So this morning I woke up as usual and went downstairs to make my first cup of tea before getting the kids up and ready for school.

Of course, I turned on the radio to hear Michael Jackson's 'Bad' blasting out. I was immediately transported back to my own youth, standing in my bedroom practising the latest 'moves' by the King of Pop himself - I was the white MJ - I knew it - just no-one else did!

So this morning I decided to see if I still remembered all those moves and clad in my dressing gown and slippers I began moonalking, crotch grabbing and screaming whilst holding my hand out to ctahc a frisbee (at least that's how I remembered it).

I was halfway through this incredible routine when I spun (clutching my unseen hat) and turned to see two small boys standing in the doorway with their mouths open - simply stunned.

I quickly straightened up and asked the boys what they wanted for breakfast - as if nothing had happened. And they carried on as if nothing had happened. They obviously needed to block this from out of their minds.

It obviously  doesn't matter if you are gay or straight - Dad dancing is just bad!!!!!!

Today is Chinese New Year and the boys are very excited - rather than greet Papa this morning with oranges and a cheery 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' (he had to go to work as normal) so they are practising to do it tonight when he comes home from work. TJ is particularly keen as he wants his red packet (or ang pow) from Papa - he has already stipulated that it must be full of paper money as he is not accepting coins!

TJ then asked if he should do his Chinese New Year greeting for his teacher and see if she will give him any money.

"I dont think she celebrates Chinese New Year," I told him.

"Why not?" he asked.

"Because she's not Chinese," I explained.

"You're not either and we still celebrate,"

"I know, but Papa is so we respect his celebration - and its fun."

"I'm half Chinese," TJ went on.. and then he suddenly stopped. "No I'm not," he cried," I'm half Singaporean - which means Papa isnt Chinese either!"

"He's Chinese Singaporean," I started to explain but then realised that maybe 8.30am wasn't the time to begin a conversation about race and nationality... so I just left it and said we would talk about it later.

I think as long as he gets his red packet he will be happy.

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