Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Processed Foods and Naughty Kids...

I'd like to say I was offering you a link between the two... although I'm pretty sure that there is.

After all, there has to be a link between the type of food we feed our kids and their level of attentiveness etc. I recently read that fish oil supplements help dyselxic kids focus in class - so guess what the Sprog will be on next week.

Although his progress in his new school has been amazing. Full marks in spellings and yesterday he managed 12 maths wuestions completely unaided... and miraculously got them all correct!

TJ is also making progress and his reading has come on leaps and bounds despite his addtional needs.

So all good.

In fact on Monday evening after all this praise from school for both boys, Papa and I were exhausted, so rather than make dinner I went to the supermarket and purchased a Bistro Meal - main course, dessert and bottle of wine for a tenner. Well, it was a treat.

Halfway through tucking into his chicken en croute Papa suddenly stops eating and says to me "what's that?" He pointed to a small blue thing on his plate, neatly tucked between the meat and the pastry.

I took it out for him and unrolled a bright blue plaster, one of those ones that caterers use so they can spot them if they fall off.

I told him what it was - he went pale.

He decided not to finish it... but he did manage to eat the dessert. We left the wine for another night - not because we were worried it maybe infected with anything but simply because it was a school night and getting up to get the Sprog to his minibus by 7am is not funny if your head is fogged up.

It reminded me of a pre-made salad I purchased from another major supermarket where Every Little Helps... As I opened the salad a dead grasshopper landed on my plate.

I took the salad back to the shop whereby the manager said to me, "Well, at least you know it was fresh." He laughed at his own little joke. I was not amused, I gave him a hard stare - a stare that TJ has now perfected and gives to drivers who cuts us up on the roads. He refunded my money and gave me a replecement salad.

So the children had a good week up until yesterday when TJ decided he would like to be rude to his piano teacher - whom he normally loves. He didn't want to play, he 'didn't get it', he wanted to mess around and whenever she asked him to do anything he told her he didn't want to and finished the session by playing amazingly and then blowing a raspberry in her face telling her 'piano is easy'....

I went ballistic when I was told.

So he got a good telling off and then grounded.

This morning he was as good as gold and sat quietly in his room - too good... I went up to get him ready for school to find he had been colouring... all over his wardrobe. His brand new wardrobe was now coloured in blue ink!

Cue another telling off and then I passed him a cloth. "What's that for?" he asked. I expalined that he was now in charge of scrubbing his wardrobe clean... he wasn't pleased.

Thy are both at school now - thank goodness and I am going to take my wrath out on the supermarket where we are asked to try something new today - although a blue plaster wasn't what I had in mind!!!!!

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