Monday, 23 September 2013

Charity Begins at Home...

Well, so the saying says... unfortunately TJ had other ideas.

He came home from school clutching a pack that was to be coloured in and then constructed into a little house shaped box.

Instead of collecting food etc for the school's harvest festival, this year they will be collecting pennies for a charity that helps homeless children - a lovely thought.

So TJ and I duly put the box together and coloured it in. Then I explained that we could put it by the oor and drop any spare change into it.

"Why?" he asked. I explained what the box was for and the charity it would go to.

"Why, should I give money to children I don't know?" He asked.

I explained the concept of charity to him - helping those less fortunate etc.

He thought about this.

"Ok - well you can give your money but I'm not giving any of mine. If they want my money then they will have to do something for me first." I'm not sure he fully grasped the concept.

Then Papa came home, "Guess what guys?" he said handing them a fiver each, "I'm going to give you a bit extra pocket money this week - but its to buy Daddy a birthday present?"

"Why?" asked TJ.

"Because Daddy looks after you and cleans and cooks and because isn't it nice to do something on his birthday,"said Papa.

"Daddy likes cooking so he doesn't need any presents!" came the reply.

"Yes," the elder Sprog joined in, "Thanks for the extra money but I'm not spending my money on Daddy - I want sweets and some Skylanders cards."

Papa got a bit annoyed, "I'm giving you extra money for the present," he said.

"I'll make the present," Sprog explained, "Then I can keep the money, ok?"

I told Papa it really didn't matter I would prefer a present the kids had made than some tat from the Pound Store that would end up in a cupboard.

Papa looked at me. "I've already given them the cash," he explained, 'How will they understand the concept of money?"

"I think they understand it perfectly," I replied as I watched TJ raid the penny box and pocket the cash I had just put into it.


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