Monday, 30 September 2013

Droopy Drawers!!!!!!!!!

Yes, this weekend it was my birthday and those of us who remember the Bingo Halls of the 80's (I worked in one as a teenager) will recall that the shout from the floor when my number of years alive was called would have been 'All the 4's - Droopy Drawers'.

 I don't know how I even got to be this age - but it's still a lot of fun and life constantly surprises me.

Not as much as Papa and our friends (Furry and Fairy, our best friends and the boy's godparents) surprised me this weekend.

How they kept everything secret I don't know - even when I was driving into London I didn't know where we were going. We parked on the outskirts of London where my first surprise awaited - meeting Furry, Fairy and their two children whereupon we left our car and a taxi picked us up and we went into London. I had no clue where we were going but when we pulled up outside the Mandarin Oriental hotel I realised that we were heading to Heston Blumnthal's restaurant "Dinner" - reknowned for British Historically inspired food.

It was amazing. Papa had organised a private room (Tudor inspired) with our own waiter who took us throgh each course describing its historical originsn and how it had been 'updated' by Heston and his team of 55 chefs.

The kids had a great time. The Sprog had his first Hston steak and TJ had slow cooked chiken breat - which I was assured was yummy. Although he did get a bit grumpy because everyone was 'taking pictures of him' - actually it was the food that people were snapping. (I think TJ is like me and prefers to eat rather than take pictures of his food - hehe)

Whilst we had the famous Tipsy Cake for dessert - mine on a special Happy Birthday plate - the children had their own display with a chef showing them how to make Heston's ice cream frozen in Nitrogen - they picked flavours and toppings and then watched it being blasted in front of them. The kids will never settle for Sainsbury's raspberry ripple now.

We left stuffed full of amazing food and wine (although Papa's wallet was considerably less stuffed) and went back to my next surprise. Papa had rented a penthouse apartement over looking the city. We sat looking at the view drinking red wine whist the children sat in their room amazed by the fact they had a TV in there. (we don't allow that at home - so it was a treat for them as well.)

The surprises kept coming on Sunday.

After checking out we went for breakfast and then took the children to see a movie before we went for yet another culinary treat - this time Tom's Kitchen, I had my big 40 at his Chelsea restaurant so it was lovely to go to the lower key version at Canary Wharf. Amazing food again.

I returned home incredilby spolied, blessed by a beautiful family and friends and totally stuffed!!!!!!

Roll on 45! 

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