Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I am loving the title today.... Although it's not quite as dramatic as it sounds.

Yesterday we took the long drive  to bring Granny home and also to stay for a few days and spend time with both her and my now 90 year old Nan.

As we were coming up in two cars we arranged to meet at a motorway service station at around the half way point. I had TJ in my car so knew that a toilet trip (or two) maybe required so we went first, just in case.

The car is so much quieter with just one child....

We eventually pulled in at the service station and, as its still summer holidays, it was packed. I took TJ to the toilet while Granny queued for their burgers (fast food is allowed on motorway journeys, which actually means they look forward to the trip as its the only time I let them eat such rubbish!)

TJ didn't even bother to rate this toilet... It was truly horrid. However, whilst we were there a couple of chaps came in, one who had obvious additional needs and the other I assume was his carer. The first man thought the toilets were great fun and skipped and ran up and down them like a child, pressing the taps and having a great time.

TJ was transfixed and was about to follow his new found playmate and create mayhem. I got him to wash his hands and told him to hurry up as Granny was waiting. The promise of an overlooked meat patty sandwiched in a chemically processed bap was far more enticing and we left. As we did so I noticed another Dad standing in the doorway,  preventing his children from going in and watching the first man who was now being calmed by his carer, in much the same way as I had with TJ. He was telling his children to wait until the other men had left.

TJ noticed too and said, quite loudly, "is that Dad worried that man still kidnap his children?"the man glared at him and I hurried TJ on with a nervous smile, he carried on, "why weren't you worried? Didn't you think he might kidnap me as well?"

"No one is kidnapping anyone." I said firmly and moved on.

"That's true,' said TJ, "besides you said if anyone ever kidnapped me they would soon bring me back!"
I have to be careful when I joke with Papa as TJ hears everything!

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