Tuesday, 6 August 2013

90th Birthday Shenanigans...

This weekend saw the celebrations of my Nanny's 90 years on this earth. Wow!

It was to be a fabulous weekend with a lovely lunch for family and friends on the Saturday after which my sister and her new husband were to join ourselves and my Mum for dinner and an overnight stay at a lovely hotel in the Cotswolds, near to the school where my aunt had organised the party.

It promised to be a lovely day.

We set off just after 9am, after I had checked if it was to be a formal affair (no it wasn't) and if we had locked all the doors and windows.. We did this twice as I had a sudden worry that the messages we had received from our local police lady were all true and we would be robbed whilst we were away, we were leaving the cat overnight, but as terrifying guard cats go he doesn't really hit the mark.

So off we set on a journey that was similar in length to the one we took with Papa's sister and her son to the Fat Duck. Again I knew it would be at least three hours and lunch was to be at 12.30... So off we went.

Except that once we hit the fabulousness that is the motorway on a Saturday we didn't go anywhere.... We didn't go anywhere for over three hours... I called my mum to let her know we wouldn't arrive before 2. To which I received the reply, 'Well, lunch is at 12.30 and if you are not here then you won't get any!' Papa said we should go home....he likes his food....

We eventually arrived at this very posh prep school in the Cotswolds. There we saw all my relatives, and talked about the journey... The kids didn't want food, they were just glad to be out of the car after nearly 6 hours and raced around with their cousins and the children of my cousins...

I got to eat a lovely curry. My Nanny was brought up in India and what she doesn't know about curry isn't worth knowing.

It was lovely. A fantastic day.

Then we said our goodbyes and headed for the hotel

The hotel was ok. A little dated but comfortable nod we had the main four poster bed room,  with two camp beds for the children, they loved that. The Hotel also had a fine dining restaurant so we booked a table.

All was fine until my sisters steak arrived. She had ordered it medium rare and yet when it arrived it was obviously well done. She told the waiter who told her he would sort it out. 

He came back a minute later with her plate and told her that the chef had said that this steak was medium rare and wanted to know what she was complaining about. (seriously the waiter was arguing with my sister about her steak). My sister went into a long chat letting him know that she knew how she liked her steak and this was not it! 

The waiter took the steak back and agreed to cook her a new one, this time free of charge.... Which my sister appreciated, although she didn't appreciate having to defend her decision to send back food she was paying for.... And it wasn't cheap.

Still, that was the only glitch and we were joined by uncles and aunts for drinks in the bar that went well into the evening.

Next morning we had a hearty breakfast and a stroll in the rain before heading back on the motorway through the traffic nightmare that is a Sunday.... Although this time it only took us 5 hours to get home!

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