Thursday, 24 April 2014

Chocolate in Bed...

It's been a while since my last post.

What with puppies and Easter holidays and having Granny to stay its all been a bit manic. But now the boys are back at school then things should begin to quieten down - one hopes!!!! Ha!

Last night we decided to take Granny out for a meal and booked our lovely childminder (who is also our cleaner). She is a lovely Turkish lady but takes no prisoners. However, she adores the boys and they, in turn, do as she says (which is rare).

So we went out and were only five minutes away when the phone rang.

"Puupy is very naughty,' she bellowed into the phone, "Puppy is eating all the pasta you left on the kitchen table for me."

I had made enough pasta to feed a small army - have you seen how much two boys can eat? - but there was enough for the sitter's supper, should she want some. However, it seemed as though the puppy had eaten it - although why she felt the need to update me with this information I wasn't so sure.

"Never mind," I replied, "There are plenty of crisps in the cupboard."

The sitter thought about this, "Good, I will be eating those then." she said and rang off.

With that settled we went out for a lovely meal - where the waitress was so slow that I was tempted to go and collect the food myself from the kitchen 'pass' (see I watch Masterchef) where it had been sitting for ten minutes whilst she showed her bunions off to her colleagues.

We came home to find both boys asleep and all three dogs silently sitting on the stairs - even ASBO dog was behaving. Turks must have a way with animals - or she scared them into submission after the pasta incident - Never come between a baby sitter and their food!

I went in to say goodnight to the boys and found that TJ's face was covered in chocolate. "Has TJ been awake?" I asked the sitter as she was leaving.

"He only got up to go to the toilet," she said and she left.

I noticed that all of TJ's easter eggs, which had been put into his room to keep them out of reach of the puppy, had all been opened and the largest one (a gift from Granny) was now simply a gold wrapper.

I decided to leave it until the morning.


This morning I questioned TJ about his Easter eggs and the chocolate on his face.

"Did you eat three eggs in bed last night?" I asked over breakfast.

He looked sheepish, "No," he said, "I shared it with the sitter."

"Did you?" I asked, "well, let me give her a call later and I'll find out if she enjoyed them."

With that I let him sit quietly staring at his cereal.

As we were walking to school he suddenly piped up, "When I said I was sharing my egg with the sitter - what I meant was that I wanted to share it with her, but by the time I thought about it I had eaten it all."

I looked at him, "It's not the chocoloate I'm cross about," I said, "Its the lying," He looked suitably crestfallen. Then I added, "We shall talk about this when you get home from school."

That should give him a whole day of worrying... cruel, probably...  effective, yes!

Great - so now I have to hide chocolate from both the puppy and TJ!

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