Monday, 17 March 2014

What a weekend...

Well its certainly been an eventful few days.

On Friday I was taken out for a lovely lunch by a literary agent - who has agreed to represent me and to help me work on the book version of this very blog. The book is finished but needs revision and its great to have another pair of eyes to evaluate things subjectively, as well as look after all the business side of things.

Its all very exciting but also a bit scary - Papa brought me straight back down to earth when I asked him if we could open the 'special' bottle of champagne we have reserved for 'special' occasions. "Wait until you actually have a publisher," he said wisely, "Then we can open it - until then we need to buy you a new monitor and clear out the study so you can actually use it as a... well, study." With all the building works we have going on the study has turned into a storage room and we could barely see the floor. So Saturday was spent clearing that room out.

But now I'm all set and ready to go! Let's see what happens on this leg of the journey.

Saturday was also the day that our youngest decided he would revert to bed wetting - except he didn't tell us. Instead he lay in his own wee - maybe through a sense of shame or maybe he simply didn't care, which was the vibe he was trying to give off. I have read that often children who have experienced neglect find comfort in a wet bed, the warmth and the smell can trigger off a sense of calm. Who knows? Either way we decided not to make a big deal of it and just treat it as one of life's accidents. We decided that - his older brother didn't. KC thought it was hilarious and took every opportunity to remind TJ of his urinary slip up.

So Saturday consisted of me trying to keep the peace between the boys which then resulted in a full on fight and the Skylanders game on the wii being destroyed. Of course, when Papa pulled them both up on it they both decided it was the others one's fault - which just made Papa incredibly angry and he stormed out declaring that the children have no respect for anything. He has a point but then there is also the idea that they have no respect because, well lets be honest, why should they? Monetary objects mean little to them and I lose track of the broken toys that are met with a shoulder shrug when I ask if they are upset that its gone. Sometimes I am guilty of just letting things go for a quiet life... maybe that needs a rethink.

So Sunday we went out with the boys Godparents for lunch and their children. It was lovely to hear the four children chatting away over their lunch, like old friends. Normality resumed.

Then KC reminded me that he needed an atlas for his homework. We had tried using the internet but it just wasn't going to work so at 5 minutes before Sunday closing KC and I excused ourselves from the lunchtable and ran up to the bookshop and purchased a junior atlas, much to the hilarity of the bookshop staff. Homework was completed on time....

Then this morning TJ got up to tell me that he hadn't wet his bed... hooray! But he had lost his tie and was far too ill to go to school - oh, and he hadn't done his maths homework - which needed to be handed in today!


This book will write itself!!!!!!

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