Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Deadlines and Aliens...

I stay at home, I write and I study... (and in between I do a bit of parenting)...

But this week all three of the above have managed to interfere with the fourth - or maybe the fourth has interfered with the other three - it depends on where my priorities lie at any given point in time.

I knew I had a difficult assignment to submit this week - I'm studying an Open University course in Psychology, although I'm sure most parents, particularly those with adopted offspring, are already at doctorate level in that area. But I left the first three days of this week completely clear - I was not going to blog, write, maybe a bit of studying - but that was it. Uniforms were washed and sorted out into piles, lunchboxes pre-prepared and dinners pre-planned - it was all going to be fine. But...

On Monday I was asked to write a piece for BAAF - something inspirational for LGBT Adoption week was my brief - happily I agreed to then be told they need it by Friday. Then I was asked by a magazine to write a short piece for them on being gay parents of mixed race with white children - thats not an easy thing to put together but again I agreed - deadline tonight - and, finally, my youngest son decided that last night was the time he would like to tell me that school are having an alien dress up day on Friday and, no I can't just put him in a fancy dress outfit and paint his face green - school have decided costumes must either be made or hired. (I'm guessing they have the press in - which makes no difference to TJ as we have media restrictions in place). He should have told me last week - but forgot.... great!

So I'm halfway through my assignment - which is all about statistical reports(!) I took psychology so I could legitimately be nosey and pry into other people's private lives - don't they know that! Not so that I would actually have to study things I have no interest in, like maths!

But I was diligent - I researched everything, I stayed up doing online tutorials I downloaded from You Tube - I wrote everything up. Then I got stuck. I needed help - fast. Last night I couldn't work out the final figures for the analysis - not just couldn't work out - couldn't even find... I went into a blind panic.

Then my dear partner suggested I actually open one of the tutorial slides that the online tutor had sent me to 'help' with the assignment and there it was - the exact formula I needed laid out in a step by step fashion, along with everything else I needed to complete the assignment - I really should read those things more often.

So this morning I completed it - I emailed in my assignment, and I am now working on the rest of the stuff, which no longer seems so daunting now I have the statistics out of the way, and then this evening we can get to work on the alien outfit.

Who knows this week might turn out to be quite fun after all - until the next assignment is due in of course!!!!!

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